Amazon Customer Services

To help build lasting relationships with your customers, every Amazon business needs to offer satisfactory customer support before and after you make a sale. Amazon has very strict service level agreements, therefore customer service is a vital part of building an Amazon business. Karnavel has the capacity to act as your customer service department, from customer enquiries to charge-back claims, and everything in between.


Karnavel is a full-service Amazon agency that is positioned to manage Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor accounts. Our Amazon customer services team offers outstanding customer support for your business while at the same time meet Amazon’s high service level agreement standards.

As your Amazon partner, the professionals on our customer support team are trained to make sure your customer’s needs come first. Having terrific customer service metrics will ensure that you build trust on the Amazon platform and can increase the chances of further conversions, sales, and repeat customers. You can use our Amazon customer services to:

  • Effectively deal with customer enquiries.
  • Manage feedback on customer reviews.
  • Managing product reviews for your products.
  • Handle charge-back claims from customers.
  • Manage A to Z claims made by customers.


  • We have 4 plus years of experience helping Amazon businesses handle their customer service needs.
  • Our Amazon customer service team consists of professionals experienced with handling all associated customer service tasks.
  • We have extensive Amazon knowledge and experience, so we know how to excel in this critical function.

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