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Karnavel is a globally leading Amazon consulting services agency offering global manufacturers, distributors and retailers a hands-on approach helping them grow their product sales on the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

We become your trusted advisors when it comes to Amazon, helping you make sense of the ecosystem, identifying new ways to grow, reach new customers and taking bold action to drive results utilizing many of the tactics below.

Amazon Marketing FAQ.

most frequently asked questions & answers

Our team of Amazon Experts are not only exceptional at providing innovative strategy and high-quality execution, we also provide research and training for any of your team members interested in our processes. We create customized videos and a range of personalized in-house training tools that provide educational support, which you can then repurpose for your team’s specific requirements. We are as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. Our team is here to create mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

Being a successful seller on Amazon is a significant achievement. Now that you have established that your product has validation within the market, it’s worth considering how to reclaim your margins from Amazon and ensure future success as a multi-channel giant. Many businesses rely on Amazon for online sales, we however create a custom strategy for your entire company that covers multiple marketplaces with multiple product marketing strategies. With this methodology, we are able to capitalize on your business’s greatest opportunities and increase your e-commerce sales across multiple marketplaces. A multi-channel approach ensures your risk is hedged in the event your sales on Amazon should decline for any reason, like ever-updating Amazon seller regulations or A9 algorithm changes.

Amazon accounts for 48% of all e-commerce sales and 46% of product searches begin on Amazon. Therefore, it makes sense to consider leveraging one of the largest eCommerce platforms to increase your success by funneling website traffic and boosting brand awareness. As a top e-commerce marketing agency, Karnavel focuses on growing your e-commerce business in a complete manner. We believe by executing customized marketing strategies across multiple marketplaces, so your business will be able to leverage opportunities only available through a multichannel approach.

As you know, ACoS is calculated by dividing the total spend by attributed sales. Our Amazon experts look at your Amazon Seller marketing data and calculate blended ACoS by dividing your ad spend by your total revenue. Your blended ACoS takes into account the additional revenue made through organic sales, which is important to consider when analyzing the true effectiveness of your Amazon ads. ACoS is a tough metric to set as a baseline because CPCs and conversion rates vary widely, but a Blended ACoS (ad spend / total topline) of 15% in sales growth mode is great and then ~7% as “maintenance and monetization” is also great.

There are several

Sponsored Products – ​PPC – Auto

​Comparable to Google Shopping ads, this evaluates your listing’s content and automatically places the product where the algorithm thinks it will sell, and then optimizes based on conversion rate.  These appear identical to normal product listings, with the exception that they say “sponsored” below them.

Sponsored Products – ​PPC – Manual

​This gives you control over keyword-specific targeting but is also controlled by an invisible quality score determined by Amazon. In other words, you have to optimize your listing’s content for keywords and you have to make sales on those keywords. Following that, the more sales you make for those keywords, the more often Amazon will show your listing to that keyword’s traffic combined with your maximum bid. There are broad phrase and exact match keywords, which are further controlled by up/down bidding for certain placements.

​Sponsored Brands – PPC

​This allows you to target specific keywords and display a banner ad across the top of the screen that can show a specific number of products and some text, which then points to your Amazon storefront. These are great from a branding perspective because they give you a chance to control your creative and manage the customer’s experience via the storefront. They are manually targeted and have broad, phrase & exact keyword match. The quality score is less relevant than with sponsored products.


​If your coupon offer is appealing enough to be chosen up by Amazon you will likely receive a significant spike in traffic. Coupons can be organized in a variety of formats and are typically viewed as good practice because they provide you the listing a badge that indicates the percentage or amount saved on the product. ​


​This is where you can promote package offers, like “mix and match” – save 10% when you buy 2, BOGOs for instance.

​Third-party advertising

​As an agency we have methods in place that boost your page’s rank and converions by driving qualified traffic from other sources, like search and social platforms. This lead nurturing process may be part of a broader strategy where the decision is made to focus purely on Amazon rather than on other channels, or to conduct split tests on their viability.

Prime-exclusive discounts

​As Amazon tries to offer Prime Members more and more value, they have added this feature to advertising, very similar to coupons except that they are more likely to be featured on anything Amazon is doing regarding Prime Day, Prime Coupons pages or other related activities​​


Amazon’s Demand-Side Program (DSP) is their display advertising platform for Amazon owned platforms and display networks. DSP is currently only available through Amazon for businesses willing to spend $35,000. Karnavel however, has the ability to offer exclusive access to this powerful platform at a fraction of the cost. DSP gives your company the ability to use programmatic marketing to target customers on Amazon sites as well as its apps. It also gives users the ability to reach publishing partners located on commonly used third-party exchanges.


​There are other methods like Lightning Deals, Early Reviewer Programs, Affiliate Partnerships etc but the primary components we use are listed here.

What do they cost?

PPC bids vary by product category, search term competitiveness etc. We generally see anywhere between $0.50-5.00 per click. Coupons & promotions only cost as much as your offer does, plus a $0.60 fee Amazon charges for Coupon clips (when users click a checkbox that solidifies that the coupon will be applied to the purchase)

How do they relate to traffic? (i.e. x type of add = this much traffic)

This completely depends on the search term volume, product fit, clickthrough rate, competitiveness of the market, etc. We generally see Sponsored Product ads as the the primary driving force at the top of the funnel. Coupon-driven traffic is a monopoly controlled by Amazon exclusively, however there are other types of ads that are helpful in increasing brand awareness on and off of Amazon. Our goal is generally to get from the growth stage, where we are primarily driving traffic through ads to achieve a blended ACoS from 20-30%, to ‘post growth stage where blended ACoS would shift to 8-10%, at which point we would try to ensure sales velocity is sustained and dial back our paid ads to focus on optimization over time, improving the ratio steadily.

Amazon doesn’t really fit into the traditional sales and marketing funnel typically known to marketers. Since Amazon controls the platform and keeps rigid control of all aspects, the funnel for sellers is remarkably small.  It is more of an end-point to where most events that happen on Amazon itself are going to be consideration or decision stage actions, with external marketing activities driving awareness – content marketing, PR and so forth.

What activities fall into awareness?

Ad Impressions, storefront visits.

What falls into research/consideration?

Product page views/sessions, detail page views/sessions. Amazon doesn’t give you data about add to carts (or wish lists, shopping lists, anything like that), they don’t even give you unique visitors, just “sessions” and that session data is notoriously slow to populate. Therefore, you really only know: a session tracked on a listing, and a buyer purchased the product.

What falls into the purchase?


What other steps might be added/missing?

The speed with which people make purchase decisions on Amazon makes Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) the most important part of your strategy, especially for a product where buyers can be particular on specific details. A good listing and a good storefront can therefore make or break the sale.

Amazon is fundamentally a price-conscious marketplace, however that doesn’t mean that higher-priced products can’t do well. Ranking is more so dependent on how well the product does at improving the Amazon customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) for Amazon, so by that logic a higher priced item is X times more effective at improving LTV than its lower-priced competitors. Of course, a higher price can lead to lower conversion rates.
Price is all about the perception of value. In some cases, we’ve seen conversion rates go up with the price, if there is higher perceived value, the price has to match the value a customer perceives. A higher price pairs well with more valuable content, meaning the longer a customer spends deliberating the purchase of a product the more time they will spend viewing content, which increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Being successful in a standard brick-and-mortar business is big accomplishment, but modern consumers are researching products and services online first. Therefore, being online is critical for your business. As you plan to migrate your business online, you’ll discover it may be less expensive and more accessible to do this through Amazon. At Karnavel, we can help you to establish your presence on Amazon and then work with you to market your products and business on the website. It’s not uncommon for traditional retailers to worry about this transition, but it doesn’t have to be as daunting or complex as it may seem when you have Amazon consultants guiding you through the process.

It can be frustrating and overwhelming navigating the Amazon marketplace and its advertising platform. It is different than most other forms of online marketing, and typically business owners and marketing professionals will discover a education and transition phase is needed. It’s beneficial to have reliable insight into the process and a customized marketing plan created by an experienced team. At Karnavel, we’ll help you create a marketing plan that’s geared towards your customers using Amazon’s technology and tools. This ensures you get a marketing strategy with appropriate tactics that positions your product listing properly and ensures you get the buyers you are in search of.

A9 is the name of the Amazon subsidiary that develops the company’s search engine and search advertising algorithm. If you’re interested in Amazon SEO, you should learn as much as you can about the algorithm that Amazon uses to rank products and ads.

There are a number of factors that Amazon uses to determine search rank. Here are a few of them:

  • Relevance to search text – Obviously, the algorithm will look for text in product descriptions and titles that match the search query.
  • Availability – It’s unlikely Amazon will rank products that are currently out of stock.
  • Pricing – Amazon wants to give its users the best experience possible. That generally means ranking lower-priced items above higher-priced competing products.


Like what has been attempted with Google search, some people have tried to manipulate the Amazon search rankings, but it’s usually a pointless effort. One of the ways that people attempt to rank near the top is with fake reviews. An often deceitful company will usually provide a service whereby individuals will be paid to post 4- and 5-star reviews of products they’ve never purchased. When Amazon discovers activity like this, they not only delist a retailers products, they can in some circumstances also sue the person who solicited the fake reviews.

In other words, it’s most certainly not a good idea to practice Amazon black hat SEO. If you’re serious about Amazon SEO, follow the rules. Optimize your product listing for keywords and practice outstanding customer service.

Amazon SEO, like Google SEO, often begins with keyword research. Fortunately, there are many tools that you can use to help you discover keywords that people are using on Amazon. Here are some of the most commonly used –

  • MerchantWords – Helps you discover long tail keywords that buyers are using to find what you’re selling.
  • AMZTracker – This service bills itself as “the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.” It’s a bit pricey, but a lot of Amazon sellers swear by it.
  • Sellics – This all-in-one Amazon seller solution includes a keyword finder.

Complete Amazon Account + Growth Management

The Amazon marketplace is a keyword game and is all about getting your products in the eyes of as many consumers as possible.

To put this into perspective, think about the shelves at Walmart or your favorite retail shop.

The more keywords your products rank for, the more shelves your products lay on, in a sense.

Dominate The Amazon Search Results.

With SEO, there is no clear, cut-throat formula. With Amazon Product Ranking, there is. Don’t get stuck on page 9000 for your product’s keyword. Karnavel leverages Amazon’s A9 Search Ranking Algorithm, a proprietary set of eCommerce tools and advanced promotional strategies to organically rank your product.

For every product you list on Amazon, there are more than 700 data fields to optimize. If you have hundreds of products in your salable catalog, it’s like having hundreds of micro-businesses to manage that are constantly changing. By working with Karnavel, you’re working alongside experts to maximize your operational marketing and accelerate sales growth.

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67% of ad accounts spend outside of their target market.

Competitor Analysis

Know the keywords and budget your competitors use.

Data Analysis

Make data driven decisions based on facts, not assumption.

Return On Investment

Why advertise without a positive return on investment?

Product Photography, Renderings & Infographics.

Win over potential customers with breathtaking photography, renders and listing-optimized infographics. Your images are everything when it comes to driving clicks and conversions.

Let Karnavel’s team of professional photographers, expert graphic designers and models give new life to your products.

Drive Clicks

Increase the number of shoppers who click on your listing with eye-catching and stunning photos of your product.

Improve Brand Identity

The aesthetics of your listing tell a lot about your brand. Show customers that your brand and products are top quality products they must have.

Increase Conversions

We accentuate each feature of your product to make sure customers feel confident purchasing your product.

Maximize keyword exposure to increase ranking and conversions

Listing Optimization.

Rank Higher

Strategic keyword placement is key to ranking. Our copywriters carefully position each keyword to optimize rankings in organic search.

Maximize Conversions

Our expert Amazon copywriters know how to sell products. Beautiful sales-inducing language converts on-page visitors into buyers.

Elevate Your Brand

Expertly crafted copy maintains a perfect blend of sales-inducing language and precise keyword implementation.

Protect Your Brand.

marketplace enforcement to remove counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers

Ensure MAP Compliance

Reversing perceived quality erosion, detecting MAP violations, and restoring price equity across the marketplace.

24/7 Monitoring & Protection

Continuous and constant monitoring of your Amazon listings in real time. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Removing Un-Authorized Sellers

Effective and proven strategies to report and remove unauthorized resellers from your Amazon listings.

Real People, Not Software

Real people actively monitor your brand on Amazon, keeping you free from violators and price erosion.

Karnavel’s team of Amazon copywriters conduct in-depth product, market, and keyword research to get inside the mind of your customers. Then they brilliantly marry sales inducing language with the most relevant keywords for your product.

Our proven approach maximizes your listing’s visibility in search results and increases the on page conversion rate.

Want To Increase Sales On Amazon?

Karnavel is the only all-in-one Amazon consulting services agency dedicated to growing your brand on the world’s largest marketplace. Driving sales for beauty, security, automotive and FMCG clients, Karnavel has garnered the experience necessary to achieve explosive eCommerce growth.